The Vianden Tattoo Convention is one of the oldest still running Tattoo Conventions in Europe (22 YEARS! HELL YEAH! 💥🎨😃🍺💥)

The convention has been held at the exact same place in the beautiful city of Vianden for the past 21 years.

Our aim with the convention is to have a wide selection of styles and technics from all over the world (Such as Japanese Tebori, Samoan Tatau, Thai Sak Yant, Machine Tattooing and Traditional Hand poking), performed by artists that are both top notch in quality and as well have the cool vibe to make this a super cool event with a great party and positive vibe 🙂

A bit of History and more:

The Vianden Tattoo Convention was first called “The Vianden Tattoo and Piercing Meeting” and for the past 20 years was organised by the Tattoo-Frënn Lëtzebuerg.
The Tattoo-frënn lëtzebuerg was the first Tattoo fan club in Luxembourg and was founded in 1996 by : Ferdy Bertemes, Martine Bertemes, Day Meyer and Jeff Meyer.
In 1997 they have organised they’re first Tattoo Convention in Vianden. And after organising the convention for 20 years they have decided to stop and rest on the loral leafs.
From the 21st edition (2018) the convention is being organised by Avishai Tene of Ink Junkies Tattoo Luxembourg, who has been a close friend of the club and his members and helped in organising some of the conventions as early as 2005 with doing Artwork such as Posters and T-shirts.

More info will be added soon